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Thiết bị đo lưu lượng khí cầm tay PI 500 CS Instrument

Mô tả: Tăng Minh Phát hiện là Đại lý CS Instrument tại Việt Nam
Giá bán: Vui lòng gọi
Tình trạng: Mới 100%
Xuất xứ: CS Instrument
Ngày đăng: 16-10-2019

Chi tiết sản phẩm

IP 500 | Hand-held instrument for industry

PI 500 for e.g. portable flow measurement

The graphic indication of coloured measurement curves is inimitably. Up to 100 million measured values can be stored with date and name of measuring site. The measured values can be transferred to the computer by means of a USB stick. The data can be comfortably evaluated with the CS Soft Basic software. Measured data and service reports can be issued easily and quickly. The following sensors can be connected to the freely configurable sensor input of PI 500:

  • Pressure sensors (high and low pressure)
  • Flow sensors, VA 500 / VA 520
  • Temperature sensors Pt 100, Pt 1000 / 4...20 mA
  • Dew point sensors FA 510 / FA 515
  • Effective power meters
  • Opitonal third-party sensors with the following signals: 0...1/10 V, 0/4...20 mA, Pt 100, Pt 1000, pulse, Modbus

Special features:

  • Universal sensor input for lots of common sensor signals
  • Internal rechargeable Li-Ion batteries (approx. 12h continuous operation)
  • 3.5“ graphic display / easy operation via touch screen
  • Integrated data logger for storage of the measured values
  • USB interface for reading out via USB stick
  • International: Up to 8 languages selectable